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Starting an ID card program is one of the easiest ways to add security and versatility to your company or organization. From basic, low-volume card printing systems right on up to high-security, high-volume card printing packages, ID card systems come in a wide variety of packages to accommodate differing needs and styles.

While the configuration of ID card systems will vary depending on the needs of a specific organization, most ID systems are composed of the same basic elements. A photo ID card printer is the central component of an ID system and is used to produce professional, high-quality ID cards. A photo ID camera works in conjunction with ID card software to integrate images with the card’s design. Photo ID software also provides a place to manage cardholder records and communicate with databases. Playing a supporting, but nonetheless important role in an ID card system are printer supplies and accessories. Blank PVC cards, printer ribbons and cleaning kits all have a hand in keeping a printer functioning and producing high-quality ID cards, while accessories such as lanyards, badge reels badge holders ensure that ID cards are prominently and securely displayed.

ID card systems are used across a range of industries and can help streamline applications for many different companies and organizations. From offices, schools, and retail stores to fire and police departments, construction sites, ski resorts and more, ID card systems are used to produce ID cards for applications such as access control, time and attendance tracking, cashless payment and membership and loyalty programs.

Interested in finding an ID solution for your industry? At IDCardSystems.com we’ll use our extensive product knowledge to help find an ID card system that works for your needs. Contact us today.

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